Unwinding Networked Infrastructure

About me

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Delaware in the Department of Civil Engineering. I work as a research assistant at the Resilient & Equitable Smart City Lab, led by Dr. Shangjia Dong. I am also a part of the Disaster Research Center which is a house to disaster science scholars and practitioners. My research focuses on urban planning, equitable resilience planning, and application of network science to build robust critical infrastructure systems.

I completed my undergraduate studies in the discipline of Civil Engineering with honors from the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN). While at IITGN, I worked under the guidance of Dr. Udit Bhatia in the Machine Intelligence & Resilience lab to develope robust networked infrastructure systems. I was awarded the Director's Gold Medal for outstanding overall performance and Institute Gold Medal for securing the highest cumulative performance index in my discipline.

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Research Interests

Risk Analysis
Involves assessing the risk & resilience associated with networked infrastructure due to natural hazards. The research uses data-driven models to study system robustness, vulnerability, and preparing mitigation strategies.
Human-Infrastructure Coupled Systems
Focuses on modeling system-of-systems dynamics and integrating social and physical systems. The response of the complex networks is analyzed during events including disruption and resource inadequacy.
Community Resilience
Assess community's response and ability to withstand various natural hazards. The research focuses on identifying socially vulnerable populations at disproportionate risks due to inequitable or limited access to resources.


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Title: Characterizing resilience of flood-disrupted dynamic transportation network through the lens of link reliability and stability
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